Winter Holiday Party 2017

Hi Y’all,

Already it’s December!!  SO–you know about out our Great Holiday Celebrations every year and we want this year to be no different.  And it’s a Holiday Potluck, so if you can, please contact Pam or Betty if you can bring Food, Plates, Cups, Napkins, or Drinks for a few people.  If you can’t, don’t worry about it–just come.  Lunch, then Celebration after.
It’s been a rough year, but we WILL HAVE A BETTER ONE  IN 2018–So let’s enjoy each other for the HOLIDAYS.  We will not forget these past couple of years because we learn from the past.
We’ll have Games, Entertainment, Christmas Caroling, Gift Exchange, Socializing, and Celebration after a short meeting.  I hope for some of the older members from Past times to be there.  Learn about some of the LACCC History and Past Events & Activities.
Bring others who might be interested in LACCC or Asian or Latina Coalitions.
We MAY end up on the 2nd Floor, so I will try to let you know, but if I don’t. go to the Peer Resource Center and they’ll tell where to go if we are not there.
The Gift Exchange is back, so if you want to be in it, bring something wrapped not more than $5.  Unisex is best; if it is for a male or female, please label it.
Let’s Party Hardy–without TOO MUCH BOISTEROUSITY.
Pamela A. Inaba
LACCC Chair Emeritus & Nonprofit Secretary
Hi All,

It is December Holiday Time–gee, where did the year go?  It seems like it was just July, and all-of-a-sudden it’s Christmastime already!!
Anyway, it’s time for the LACCC Holiday Celebration, and it’s the best gathering of the year!  So grab your Santa Hats, winter scarves, and those dusty gloves and get ready for our BIG PARTY!!
We’re talkin’ Friday, December 22nd from 12 noon-4 pm, tentatively at the Peer Resource Center.  We will lunch 1st and munch on dessert and candy throughout the celebration.
Okay, everybody needs to come to this shindig, because we need to have a big showing, especially when it’s DMH’s Director Dr. Sherin’s 1st December in LA.  All you Officers and Committee Chairs come and help the die-hards say goodbye to this rough year and enjoy each other’s company, so you can watch Pam Dance, Betty give out prizes for games, help Jamie sing Christmas Carols, let Miss Jackson serve you a nice Holiday meal, and enjoy the Gifts Exchange with Brent!!  I also hope some of the old Members from past years show up and remind you recent Steering Committee Members how the LACCC got through stuff in the past.  Maybe some of our Friends who are staff will celebrate the Holidays with us, and bring a cookie or two!
If you can, bring a covered dish, or talk to Betty or Pam about bringing Cups, plates, drinks, ice, etc.
The flyer is in the other email I sent.

Pamela A. Inaba
LACCC Chair Emeritus & Nonprofit Secretary