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General Meetings

General Meetings are an open invitation to all who want to be part of the consumer movement.


The next LACCC General Meeting is set for Friday, September 10, 2021 from 12:30pm to 2:30pm online at Zoom. Please click this image at the time of the meeting to join us.


The Los Angeles County Client Coalition, Inc. supports the transformation of the system of care in Los Angeles from a medical model to a recovery model. This is based on the fact that research has shown that persons diagnosed with mental illness can recover.

Recovery, in the mental health context, is different than that described in the substance-abuse arena which is based on abstinence from abused substances. We see recovery in mental health as a path rather than a destiny, which allows anyone who is going forward most of the time but who may take occasional detours to be considered “in recovery.” It is a dynamic concept–one of movement. Those movements don’t have to be big movements. Just like any goal, one must take steps toward achieving the goal. Those steps can take many shapes.

Someone who is “working on their recovery” can be seen attending self-help activities, enjoying social/cultural activities, doing something meaningful (to them) with their lives, and is possibly still in treatment.


Mental health client/consumer advocacy is a recognized self-help modality. It is also called “social action.” Persons diagnosed with mental illness who advocate for other mental health client/consumers are representing those of their peers who are not at a particular meeting or event. They are knowledgeable about the issues which are important to the quality of life of their peers. These include legislation, cultural issues, and general life issues such as government entitlements, housing, work, social life, education, etc.

One of the best ways for mental health client/consumers to get involved in advocacy is for them to attend meetings of the Los Angeles County Client Coalition (LACCC), Inc. or its chapters. These monthly meetings provide opportunities to network with other advocates and discuss the “hot button” issues. They can do other advocacy work such as attending and speaking up at the Mental Health Services’ Act public hearings, work groups, or forums. Other meetings are the Service Area Advisory Councils where they live. They can use their voice to effect change in the Mental Health System.

Clients/consumers who become interested in advocacy and get involved in the LACCC, Inc, can receive stipends from attending & speaking at meetings through the Countywide Activity Fund (CAF). They can attend local & other mental health conferences with a full scholarship. They have valuable experiences and learn transferable skills which can prepare them for work in the mental health field, if that is their desire. They can become LACCC Officers & Committee Chairs to work on and learn or brush up on leadership and speaking skills.

If you are looking for a new experience and want to enhance your recovery, then we encourage you to check into the possibilities of mental health client/consumer advocacy with the LACCC, Inc.


We now have a NEW HOME at CALIF
Communities Actively Living Independent & Free
634 South Spring Street, 2 nd Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90014

By Bus:  LA Metro Line #18 stops at 6th and Spring.  Walk towards 7th Street or Turn Right & walk on the left side of the street…634 is past “The Falls Restaurant & the fire hydrant

By Car:  Parking is available in lot next to the Building just past 634 on the left side of the street. You may want to carpool with someone who has gone before to learn how to park for free.  Feel free to call Pam to ask who can.

Parking at CALIF:  Spring is a 1-way street so go South on Spring from 6th to 634 S Spring on the left side past the building with blue striped awnings (which is labeled “City Lofts”).  Enter the first driveway adjacent to the old building. (You should not have to cross the street.)  Go up to the 2nd floor and sign for a Parking Permit from the Receptionist.  You need to put the Permit in the Windshield and Park the Car.  The Meeting/Celebration is on the Mezzanine Floor–M button in the elevator.

It’s called “Joe’s Auto Parks” with an automated machine. A parking attendant may come by to ask you about your ticket vouchers and permit. If not, simply wait until a parking space opens up, park in a valid space once it does.  Usually someone will relinquish a space within ten to fifteen minutes if you can wait.

Go to the 2nd floor Office & ask for a Parking sign to put in you car window.  If there was an attendant, they may also give you ticket vouchers to give to the attendant.

  • Enter the 634 Building and tell the Guy at the Counter you are going to CALIF (pronounced KAL-LAIF).
  • Take the elevator to the 2nd Floor and enter the open office door.
  • Tell the Receptionist you are going to the LACCC Meeting and Sign in.
  • Go to the back of the office to the CALIF Conference Room.



For more info, Contact LACCC, Inc. President Betty Dandino at (626) 413-1967 or via email,  or Chair Emeritus Pam Inaba at (310) 701-0292 or via email.