What the Los Angeles County Client Coalition Does

    • Provides information on trainings on Advocacy & Other Topics


    • Links Clients to Conferences where People talk about Empowerment, Advocacy, Reducing Stigma and Discrimination, Diversity, and Client-run Programs.


    • Educates Clients/Consumers on How to Advocate for Themselves and for Others


    • Provides safe Community Socialization tools for Clients Who are providers for others with disabilities & Actively Making a Difference in LA County


    • Meets Once a Month to Discuss Issues Important to Mental Health Clients


    • Helps Clients Learn about How to Get Involved in the Mental Health Advocacy Movement


    • Helps Clients Learn Strategies to Make Change in the Mental Health System


  • Gives Information on Education, Employment. Housing, Benefits, Services, Peer Support, Client’s Rights, Advocacy, Legislation & Other Aspects of Mental Health
  • Provides Mental Health Social Action & Advocacy as a non-profit Organization for Clients in the LA County Area
  • Promotes Recovery, Wellness, Hope, & Self Determination for People Receiving Mental Health Services
  • Advocates for Such Causes as No budget cuts for Social Security, Medicare and Medi-Cal, Food Stamps for People on SSI, Better Health Care and Mental Health Treatment Options, More Client-driven and Client-run Programs
  • Combats Stigma & Discrimination in Society of People with Lived Experience
  • Promotes Diversity and Cultural Competence to Create a Just Society that Embraces People with Disabilities
  • Promotes Client/Consumers’ Knowledge of the Structure and Functions of the LA County Department of Mental Health
  • Networks with Other Organizations to Create Collaborations & Partnerships that will help Us Spread the Word about Recovery, Wellness, Hope and Self Determination
  • Liaisons with Three of the Client-Run Programs: The Benefits Assistance Clients Urban Project (BACUP), MHALA Project Return, & LELA (Lived Experience LA) so that Clients Know where They can Go for Client-Centered Activities
  • Elects Officers to Give Clients a Chance to Practice Leadership & Learn Skills to Help Conduct a Meeting & Run an Organization
  • Advocates for Empowerment & Self-Actualization of All Mental Health Clients in LA County
  • Informs Clients of Political & Social Factors Which Affect Their Well-Being
  • Advocates for Empowerment & Self-Actualization of All Mental Health Client/Consumers
  • Informs Client/Consumers of Political & Social Factors Which Affect Their Well-Being
  • Exists to Enhance Client/Consumers’ Self-Esteem, Build Confidence & Practice Recovery
  • Demonstrates to Client/Consumers what Recovery can Look Like
  • Describes the History of the Client Movement while at the same time becoming a part of it
  • Connects Client/Consumers with Experienced Consumer Advocates who have helped Shape & Enhance the Client Movement in LA County

The Client Coalition Meetings are Held on the Second Friday of Each Month from 1-4 pm at CALIF (Communities Actively Living Independent and Free) Independent Living Center, 634 South Spring Street, 1st Floor Conference Room, Downtown LA, 90014.
For more info, Contact LACCC Chair Emeritus and Nonprofit Secretary Pam Inaba at (310) 701-0292 (Text OK) or purpledragondancer@gmail.com.


The LACCC, Inc is a non-profit

Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to our organization EIN # 81-1821931. We are recognized by the IRS as a charity.