Next Meeting – Friday, October 13th at The Peer Resource Center

Good morning all who would like to be present at the birth of the New Coalitions.

This is a reminder of our meeting on our new day at a new place where we will be recording attendance for Membership so that we can Officially have Nominations for Officers for our NEW BEGINNINGS.

THE NEW LACCC, INC. , because we are a new nonprofit will be putting the Latino and Asian Coalitions under our Umbrella, so that they will be able to raise money, so that they too will become their own Nonprofit.

The Latino Coalition is well on the way of meeting the requirements which they need to start earning money.

The Asian Coalition is now under the leadership of Pamela Inaba our Nonprofit Secretary as the “Advisor.”

The leadership of the three Coalitions thought that by joining forces we would be stronger with supporting one another.  That would make LACCC, INC, the Parent Company and the Latino and Asian Coalitions as the well deserving Children.


MEETING ON FRIDAY, October 13th, 2017

LUNCH: 12:00 noon to 1 pm
Please bring your own BROWN BAG OR A COVERED DISH to share.
It is your choice, and not a requirement to come.

MEETING:  1:00pm to 4:00pm

NEW LOCATION: The Peer Resource Center
in the LA County Department of Mental Health.
It’s located at 560 S. Vermont Avenue at the corner of 6th Street.

The Asian Coalition also meets at 10-12 before Lunch, and this week it will be a “Group Restart Strategy” meeting.

You can respond to this email as to whether you will be coming.

Non-profit CEO,
Coalition President,
Elizabeth S. Dandino, “Betty”