Mountain Respite Camp


So You Wanna Go To Mountain Respite Camp, Eh?

Camp this year is Thursday, August 23 through Sunday, August 26, 2018.

Come join us and have a great time swimming, hiking, canoeing, archery, doing arts & crafts, dancing, playing, laughing and all the rest of the fun & crazy things we do at camp. And all this kind of activity—having fun while doing recreation—it helps lower Mental Health symptoms. Research has shown that endorphins, laughing, playing, feeling good…all of it actually changes chemicals in your brain and cuts some of those impulses and reduces some of those nasty painful emotions and adds different chemicals that make us feel REALLY Good.

If money is an issue, we can assist by helping you set up some fundraisers. There are many ways to raise funds, e.g., yards sales, restaurant fundraisers, etc. You can send us an email and request more information about fundraising. Email Madeline at or call her at (657) 354-9262. Please tell Madeline that you are going through Pam Inaba & Los Angeles County. You then MUST Contact Pam at (310) 701-0292 (Text is best) or & if you need a ride to and from the Camp, tell Pam. For LA County, Pam is trying to Reserve a Bus to go to the Camp and return from the Department of Mental Health Building at Vermont & 6th Street. We need close to 50 people to be able to reserve a Bus. You can also contact Andrew for information on scholarship applications (please note: financial aid is available based on the amount of fundraising dollars).

You can visit the website to register at