Invitation to State of the Disabled June 8th

CALIF is at 634 S. Spring Street.  It is between 6th & 7th St. closer to 7th. Spring is between Broadway & Main Sts.  It is an older building between a fancy restaurant and a outside parking lot that says “Joe’s”  on the South side of the street.   Ask the guy in the hall where the CALIF Event is.
Lunch will be Tacos; you don’t need to bring food.  We will discuss how the Physical Disability Movement started and how is it is now.  Also we will talk a bit about Mental Health and how things are now.
Later there will be a raffle & games.  We will have our meeting upstairs but we will take a break & will come down and go to the raffle.  CALIF also offers services in Mental Health.
Come join us for a neat event and
Meet some cool people.  Food will be served, too.

Download (PDF, 452KB)