Message from President April 2016

To ALL who have an interest in the LACCC & the Executive Board,

How do you like US now? NOT SO MUCH NOW! We continue working on the By ~ Laws with USC LAW which are nearly done and the Budget & Goals for the Five Year Plan and the Budget & Goals for the Ten Year Plan.
We will have a report by Kenneth Goff on our progress with 501.C1


  1. I would like to turn over the meeting to Dennis Murata and let’s take a few minutes to calmly discuss the last three General Meetings and how you felt about them. I want each one of us to give an opinion of this issue.
  2. Let’s take a few minutes to voice OUR opinion on what WE are doing that is working and what is not working for US.
  3. What do you think WE could do to improve what WE are doing? How will WE and YOU work to improve OUR work?
  4. Now I would like to go forward with this meeting and discuss what YOU would like to do to improve OUR meetings. They can’t go on like they have.
  5. I hope YOU have all read the Newsletter and I would like YOUR opinion of the information presented in it and if anything what would YOU change?
  6. This is YOUR Coalition! If YOU would like it to represent YOU, YOU have to participate in the work and have a dedication to the position that YOU have accepted. It is not a one person job and it’s time that WE acknowledge it and take charge of YOUR positions.
  7. I want to be fair, but YOU have to be fair with ME too. I don’t take this job lightly! I didn’t take it on a whim. I prayed about it for over two months before I agreed to RUN for the office. There have been so many obstacles which WE have had to address and fix that WE can never catch up.
  8. I would very much like to have YOUR assistance if YOU would like to see the LACCC flourish and grow. It’s YOUR decision not MINE. WE will take the step into 2016 with YOU or without YOU. It’s YOUR CHOICE!

Now let’s see where WE are going from here. I can assure you that the Los Angeles County Client Coalition will continue to make a firm stand for the rights and care of the OUR Mental Health Community. We spent nearly a year with the Board of Supervisors and the Integration proposal. Our next April General Meeting, will be held just up the street at the Central Civil Court West Building, 600 Commonwealth Avenue. The location is ultimately convenient for transportation!

NEW ADVOCACY COMMITTEE ~ We as a Coalition are in great need of an “ADVOCACY COMMITTEE TO ASSIST” Marilyn Cross, your new Advocacy Chair, to keep us abreast of all of these proposals and all of the Senate & Assembly Bills that directly affects our lives and services as Consumers. It has been a WAKE ~ UP CALL for us. We will add any information to this Newsletter, emails and our Website as soon as it becomes available to us. I want each and every one to take this opportunity to become a part of this COMMITTEE TO SPEAK UP FOR YOURSELF AND ALL CONSUMERS! HELP US TO HELP YOU, AND YOU DO YOUR PART! “NOTHING ABOUT US ~ WITHOUT US! AND NOW WITHOUT YOU!” Everyone is concerned that some of our “RIGHTS ARE BEING TAKEN AWAY.” If that’s how you feel with DMH and LA County, where do you stand on the State and Federal Level? That has a BIGGER effect on our lives as well! Let’s get busy and start putting our efforts into ADVOCACY and stop finding FAULT WITH THE LOS ANGELES COUNTY CLIENT COALITION, THE SYSTEM AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

As I hope you remember from the published beginnings of (LACCC) also known as “THE LOS ANGELES COUNTY CLIENT COALITION”, “BY ~ LAWS AND POLICIES & PROCEDURES”, anyone wishing to become a “VOTING MEMBER” of the LACCC must attend 4 (four) consecutive General Meetings. Well, we have OFFICIAL LACCC VOTING MEMBERS! The LACCC Executive Committee has been hard at work preparing folders for New Voting Members to be presented at a future meeting. REMEMBER: Attendance is going by the “LACCC GENERAL MEETING ATTENDANCE SIGN ~ IN SHEETS” so I hope YOU did sign in if YOU are interested in being a VOTING MEMBER of the LACCC. SIGNING IN IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY! NOT OURS!

I am truly very happy that “WE” do have representation on the “IAB” (Integrating Advisory Board). Recently, the Board of Commissioners took the next applicant on their list to serve on the IAB, “Catherine Clay!” “I BELIEVE CATHERINE WILL BE A GREAT REPRESENTATIVE FOR US!” We have to keep our “VOICES & PRESENCE” known. Catherine will be a great advocate for Consumers, working alongside Commissioner Gasco and Commissioner DuBois, Consumers Reba Stevens and General Jeff.

Kenneth Goff and I have been working with Elizabeth from USC Law School to do the paperwork for the 501~C for the Incorporation of the Coalition. Papers were filed for our intent and the next step will be the By-Laws and Policies & Procedures. Working with Elizabeth has made the process much easier as far as acting in accordance with the “Brown Act, HIPPA, and State Laws.” The sooner we get this issue taken care of the sooner we can move forward with the other requirement that we need to meet the terms that DMH is requiring. WE HAVE TO ADJUST TO A FEW CHANGES AT THIS TIME BUT, “I BELIEVE IT WILL BE A BENEFIT TO US IN THE LONG RUN! SO LET’S RUN WITH IT!

Our beginning with this New Year 2016 has not been the greatest start! We had one great month (February) of planning and a very positive meeting. We have already wasted two months with arguing and nothing accomplished and more issues to be resolved. That’s one step forward and two steps back! Have you asked yourself, “How and where do I fit into the Los Angeles county client coalition?” We have so many openings for people to become members of the different committees. Why not give it a try? We will have sign ~ up sheets at our April, May, and June meetings, so please give it some thought!

Los Angeles County Client Coalition Re ~ Organization Plans!
1. Unhealthy behavior will not be tolerated at this meeting or any meeting!
2. Where we are going in the very near future to be defined more clearly!
3. Are you planning on staying behind or are you planning on coming with us?
4. Attendance for membership will be taken by LACCC monthly sign ~ in sheet only! It is your responsibility and yours alone to sign in! Records for attendance will be maintained by the corresponding secretary.
5. You must sign ~ in on the DMH lunch sign ~ in sheet too!
6. Everyone is encouraged to join and attend one of the committees. This is where
“nothing about us without us” counts! It counts more when it includes you!
7. It’s about time that we start acting like adults instead of naughty children!