ACCESS Trainings 2019

Good morning Ambassadors!
Hoping this email finds you all well and having a wonderful Monday thus far. The purpose of this email is to provide you all with the training flyers for the upcoming Community Empowerment and Leadership trainings we have scheduled for your region because we want to ensure that your peers, coworkers, colleagues, community partners, regional stakeholders are invited to the table. Please pass the flyers along and encourage all who are interested to register. Additionally, here is the link to register. 
Further details on the location will be distributed as we approach the training dates but for now I can tell you that the March trainings will be near Culver City, Ca and the May trainings will be in Long Beach, Ca
Brief overview of ACCESS’ current supports needed:•Encouraging participation to your regional Empowerment & Leadership trainings•Support with the executing Empowerment trainings•Distributing and encouraging participation in the Annual Client and Leadership surveys. 
Thank you to all of you already doing an amazing job spreading the word! Have a wonderful Monday…

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