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Pam’s Blog- Resources : a compilation of things that Pam has found online from her adventures as a peer advocate in the Mental Health field


The Los Angeles County Client Coalition, Inc. supports the transformation of the system of care in Los Angeles from a medical model to a recovery model. This is based on the fact that research has shown that persons diagnosed with mental illness can recover.Recovery, in the mental health context, is different than that described in the substance-abuse arena which is based on abstinence from abused substances. We see recovery in mental health as a path rather than a destiny, which allows anyone who is going forward most of the time but who may take occasional detours to be considered “in recovery.” It is a dynamic concept–one of movement. Those movements don’t have to be big movements. Just like any goal, one must take steps toward achieving the goal. Those steps can take many shapes. Someone who is “working on their recovery” can be seen attending self-help activities, enjoying social/cultural activities, doing something meaningful (to them) with their lives, and is possibly still in treatment.


Mental health client/consumer advocacy is a recognized self-help modality. It is also called “social action.” Persons diagnosed with mental illness who advocate for other mental health client/consumers are representing those of their peers who are not at a particular meeting or event. They are knowledgeable about the issues which are important to the quality of life of their peers. These include legislation, cultural issues, and general life issues such as government entitlements, housing, work, social life, education, etc.One of the best ways for mental health client/consumers to get involved in advocacy is for them to attend meetings of the Los Angeles County Client Coalition (LACCC), Inc. or its chapters. These monthly meetings provide opportunities to network with other advocates and discuss the “hot button” issues. They can do other advocacy work such as attending and speaking up at the Mental Health Services’ Act public hearings, work groups, or forums. Other meetings are the Service Area Advisory Councils where they live. They can use their voice to effect change in the Mental Health System.Clients/consumers who become interested in advocacy and get involved in the LACCC, Inc, can receive stipends from attending & speaking at meetings through the Countywide Activity Fund (CAF). They can attend local & other mental health conferences with a full scholarship. They have valuable experiences and learn transferable skills which can prepare them for work in the mental health field, if that is their desire. They can become LACCC Officers & Committee Chairs to work on and learn or brush up on leadership and speaking skills.If you are looking for a new experience and want to enhance your recovery, then we encourage you to check into the possibilities of mental health client/consumer advocacy with the LACCC, Inc.


3-4:30PM Pacific

April 26, 2024 3-4:30pm Pacific

May 24, 2024 3-4:30pm Pacific
Zoom online only


Any past or present mental health client, consumer, or survivor can become a regular member of LACCC by attending the monthly meetings which are held on the FIRST FRIDAYS of each month.
LACCC is in the process of reregistering its nonprofit status, and is enlisting support from its members.
General meeting dates changed from Third Fridays to third Wednesdays to Fourth Thursdays to First Fridays in order to accomodate our group member schedules.

All meetings will remain on Zoom until at least two consecutive meetings have stayed on the same day of the week with at enough members (min 3-4) to represent the group and record minutes for the meeting.

All meetings are tentative until final emails with agenda have been sent out and confirmed. General meetings are held each month on zoom. Every other month will be a hybrid meeting (both in person downtown and online at zoom). Apologies in advance for any unforeseen problems with scheduling.Our CALIF location is at:
634 South Spring Street, Mezz. Lvl.
Los Angeles, CA 90014
By Bus: LA Metro Line #18 stops at 6th and Spring. Walk towards 7th Street or Turn Right & walk on the left side of the street…634 is past “The Falls Restaurant & the fire hydrantBy Car: Parking is available in lot next to the Building just past 634 on the left side of the street. You may want to carpool with someone who has gone before to learn how to park for free. Feel free to email or call Pam Inaba from the link below.Hybrid: If you cannot join in person, please try our zoom link. We make every effort in making participation possible for those who cannot travel. Please click the zoom link below, click here, or from the image right.Please also don't forget to RSVP by registering in advance on EventBrite where you may be entered to win a free online greeting card.

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LACCC, Inc. 1st Fridays 2024 3:00_to_04:30PM March 1st Zoom, April 5th In person hybrid meeting

OUR NEW DAY is officially Last Fridays

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LACCC, Inc. Fourth Fridays 2024 3:00_to_04:30PM Zoom, May 24

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General Meetings

Held on 4th FRIDAYs (as of 5/2024)

Please note that the agenda will not be current until the final week prior to the meeting

Subscribe to our Calendar or request an invitation from thelaccc@gmail.comNot seeing the calendar below? Click here to open it in a new window.

General Meetings are an open invitation to all who want to be part of the consumer movement.All meetings are tentative until final emails with agenda have been sent out & confirmed.*Please note that there is a survey and we will be changing our general meeting dates to best accomodate people's schedules.
Sorry for any inconvenience.
Use the links below to go to the zoom session or download the latest agenda.

LACCC, Inc. normally 3rd Wednesdays 2023 11:00AM_to_01:00PM zoomMTG, but in October, we're still voting for a new temporary date and time.

Fourth Fridays of the Month Online on Zoom or Hybrid
3pm - 4:30 pm Pacific

Next Meetings

  • July 26, 2024
    (Final Zoom Meeting?)
    3pm to 4:30pm Pacific

Executive Board Members

Elizabeth Dandino,
Chief Executive Officer

Betty Dandino

Betty Dandino has been the President of LACCC, Inc. for many years. She also has contributed to Pacific Clinics and many other mental health organized events.

Kathy Diradoorian,
Peer Advocacy Chair

Kathy Diradoorian, Advocacy Chair

Kathy is our peer advocacy chair who helps connect us to peer advocacy related resources.

Pamela Inaba,
Chair Emeritus/
Resiliency Chair

Pam Inaba

Pam was our President many years ago and now is the Resiliency chair.
She is a wealth of resources as an ACCESS ambassador and is also now our zoom host.

Zerita Jones,

Zerita is a community leader who also helps document our meetings in addition to her contributions to the community with her work with the LA Tenant's Union

Brent Popham,

Brent Popham

Brent is not only our treasurer, CFO, and Advocacy Chair, but was originally the host of our zoom sessions. He also participates in many self-help groups.

Sandra Cheng,
Information Specialist

Sandra supports LACCC with website design, technology support, and grant applications. She also helps lead Wildflowers' Movement support groups.

What the LACCC Does

  • Meets monthly for important mental health issues

  • Provides training information on Peer advocacy

  • Shares conferences & festivals that provide empowerment, advocacy, & diversity

  • Promotes client-run programs which reduce stigma and discrimination

  • Educates Peers on best practices for advocacy

  • Provides safe community socialization tools

  • Supports mental health needs with systems change interventions

  • Provides mental health social action & advocacy

  • Promotes recovery, wellness, hope, & self-determination

  • Combats stigma & discrimination for peers including people who have survived extraordinary experiences

  • Promotes diversity and cultural competence to support justice for people with disabilities

  • Informs peers of the LA County Department of Mental Health, its structure, and ways to get involved

  • Elects peers as officers, providing community leadership & learning opportunities

  • Advocates for empowerment & self-actualization

  • Informs Peers about political & social issues

  • Empowers Peers to become their best selves

  • Enhances self-esteem, builds confidence & models recovery to Peers by sharing life examples

  • Describes the history of the Peer recovery movement while encouraging others to become a part of it

  • Connects Peers with experienced Peer advocates who have helped shape & enhance the Peer recovery movement.

  • The Los Angeles County Client Coalition general meetings are held every month for 1.5 hours on Zoom, usually on the last Friday at 3pm Pacific time.

Common discussion topics

  • education

  • employment

  • housing

  • benefits

  • services

  • Peer support

  • Peers' rights

  • advocacy

  • legislation

  • Mental Health


  • No budget cuts for Social Security

  • Medicare & Medi-Cal improvements

  • Food Stamps (EBT) for People on SSI

  • Better Health Care and Mental Health Treatment Options

  • More Client-driven Programs

  • More Client-run Organizations and funding opportunities

  • Transparency with ticket to work programs

  • consistent unbiased support for mental health communities without conflating it with homelessness, forensic, or addiction issues

Collaborative Client-Run Programs

  • BACUP (The Benefits Assistance Clients Urban Project)

  • MHALA (Mental Health America of Los Angeles)

  • Project Return

  • LELA (Lived Experience LA)

  • CALIF (Communities Actively Living & Free)

  • Wildflowers' Movement

Vision Statement

The Los Angeles County Client Coalition (LACCC), its affiliate BLACCC, and its chapters, including the Latino Coalition and Asian Coalition, are dedicated to championing diversity and inclusion to create a just society that embraces people with diverse abilities

Mission Statement

The Los Angeles County Client Coalition is an association of current or former mental health clients who carry the message of hope, recovery, wellness, and self-determination to our peers and to our communities, including the mental health community, through our advocacy efforts.

Current Strategic Goals

  • To promote recovery principles and practices for people receiving mental health services

  • To combat discrimination and foster social inclusion for ourselves and our peers

  • To network with other groups to improve the quality of life for people like ourselves

  • To increase membership and involvement through outreach and education

  • To develop a yearly budget and fundraising plan related to our goals

Each one Teach one- with LACCC logo, hands all in photograph

Revised Rules of Decorum

  • We treat peers with dignity, respect and courtesy. Personal and cultural diversity is an asset of the LACCC.

  • We listen with intent to understand and hear each peer’s side.

  • Our strength as a membership organization Iies in our ability to listen constructively and work together.

  • Differences of opinion are valued.

  • We encourage individualism and creativity as well as collaboration and partnership.

  • We protect each other’s confidentiality.

  • We maintain a positive attitude and keep control.

  • We maintain a passionate attitude and are factual.

  • We raise concerns respectfully.

  • We take responsibility for our mood and give ourselves a 'personal-time-out'; when we feel anger, fear, or concern during a meeting, and it's not the time to express it to our peers, we leave the meeting until we feel better. We go back into the meeting after we feel better.

  • Most of us have been treated poorly by others at some time or another. Despite this we avoid personal attacks or name calling, sarcastic or demeaning remarks, and harassing or embarrassing behavior to our peers. We avoid misinterpreting what our peers mean in a negative way.

  • Respectful, calm and friendly behavior is accepted by our peers.

  • We show empathy and compassion for our peers.

  • We compromise with peers.

  • We take responsibility for our behavior and actions and are willing to apologize. When necessary, we write a letter of apology or give a verbal apology within two weeks of the incident.

  • We keep a sense of humor.

  • We don't allow crosstalk. When necessary, peers step outside the meeting to have an important timely discussion.

  • We don't allow disruptions in meetings; we place our cell phones or other electronic devices on the ‘vibrate’ or ‘silent' mode during meetings.

  • If you are online with us by phone, please use *9 to raise your hand on zoom, and *6 to unmute and mute again when you aren't speaking. This may be essential if you are in a noisy place.

  • If it is requested that we leave a meeting by leadership, we do so agreeably, speedily, and quietly.

  • Principles before personalities!

Black Los Angeles County Client Coalition (BLACCC) established in 2006 to advocate for mental health service delivery for the under served / un-served African American population.

BLACK Client Coalition-

Osbee Sangster

President Emeritus

Coalicion de Clientes Latinos de Salud Mental-

Emmanuel Martinez

President Emeritus

Asian American Client Coalition-

Pam Inaba

President Emeritus

Long Beach Client Coalition –

Ursula Sims

President Emeritus

In Person Meetings LOCATION- CALIF

Communities Actively Living Independent & Free (CALIF)
634 South Spring Street, Mezz. Lvl.
Los Angeles, CA 90014

By Bus: LA Metro Line #18 stops at 6th and Spring.
Walk towards 7th Street or Turn Right
& walk on the left side of the street.

CALIF is South past The Falls Restaurant & the fire hydrant

By Car: Parking is available in Joe's Auto Parks lot
adjacent to the building.
Across the street is a similar Joe's Auto Parks lot that will also do.
You may want to carpool with someone who has gone before
to learn how to park more conveniently.
Feel free to email or call us to ask who can.


Spring is a 1-way street, so go South on Spring from 6th to 634 S Spring on the left side past the building with blue striped awnings (which is labeled “City Lofts”). Enter the first driveway adjacent to the old building. (You should not have to cross the street.)

You will be paying for your own parking. However, if you or your employer (ie. as a mental health peer advocate) are able to deduct this fee for your taxes, you may want to keep your receipts
either from the machine or from the app
through your credit cards for the taxable year.
The closest Parking lot is called Joe’s Auto Parks with an automated machine.
A parking attendant may come by to ask you about your ticket vouchers and permit. If not, simply wait until a parking space opens up, park in a valid space once it does. Usually someone will relinquish a space within ten to fifteen minutes if you can wait. There are two Joe's Auto Parks lots, one very close that's adjacent to the building and one a little bit further south on the opposite side of Spring street. Both will cost about $12.35 for parking in either of those lots for most of the day.
Alternatively you can park using this helpful website Spot Angels that will allow you to find cheap (sometimes free) parking spots which are reported by locals in the city. Please note that most of these spots will involve a lot of scouting, so you may want to plan to arrive at least 15 to 30 minutes early to find those spots.
SpotAngels tends to be easier to work with online from a computer than it is from phone because of all the pop up ads that force you to purchase it.
Enter the 634 Building and tell the Guy at the Counter you are going to CALIF (pronounced KAL-LAIF).Take the elevator to the 2nd Floor and enter the open office door.
Tell the Receptionist you are going to the LACCC Meeting and Sign in.
Go to the back of the office to the CALIF Conference Room which may be on the Mezzanine level.


Here are some resources and community support groups. More will be presented at each general meeting.

This is our Community Event Calendar (below).

LACCC, Inc. Executive Board Meeting

Executive Board Meetings Biweekly as needed
5 pm to 7pm PDT

NEXT Executive Board Meetings:

  • Next Meeting TBA

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PAST Executive Board Meetings:

  • Monday Jan 22nd, 2024 12pm to 2pm Pacific
    Board Meeting Agenda

  • FRIDAY December 8th, 2023 3pm Annual Report Meeting

  • Tuesday August 1, 2023
    6:00pm to 7:00pm (Bylaws) Agenda

  • Monday July 17, 2 - 4:30PM

  • Thursday June 22, 4:30-6:30

  • June 8th, 4:30-7:30

  • Tuesday May 30, 4-7

  • Sat May 27, 3pm?

  • Tuesday May 23, 6-8

  • April 29th 3-4:30pm

  • April 10th 11am-1pm

  • May 5th 2022 1:30-2:30pm

  • 29 Nov 2020, Sun 2-4pm

Please note these meetings are for Board Members & by invitation only. Thank you!

The agenda will let you know which zoom link we will need if you are on the Executive Board.If you are not, you may not be able to open the agenda. Please contact us at if you believe you should have access to this agenda,
or if you want to be part of our board.
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Text Sandra at 323.393.3123

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Meeting ID: 835 7113 8724
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