Voice Awards invite

Here it is again–Time for the VOICE Awards.  It is a great Celebration honoring those in the Film and TV Industry who do projects and programs shedding light and showing more honest portrayals of Mental Health Challenges and those of us who live with them.
If you haven’t gone before–watch the YouTube Video on last year’s Awards by clicking on Event Details on the SAMHSA.gov website.  It’s under “Events Highlights” in Past Events.  It’s only 4 minutes long, but it’s a great invitation.
I go to this Event every year and cry from understanding, relating to, and feeling joy, respect, and pride.  And You can’t come to this gig and not enjoy at least ONE, if not a bunch of appetizers.  IT IS TOTALLY FREE, but you will come away with some value.  Bring your family, friends, colleagues, neighbors.
Hope to see you there–Meet and Greet Others and Celebrity Watch!!  Just don’t forget why this event is here:  Reduce Stigma, Prejudice, Ignorance, and Celebrate Success, Hope, Resilience, Recovery and Honoring those who are living with Mental Challenges and Using Their Experience to Propel this world to a better place.
Throw on your fancy digs and maybe you will learn something you didn’t know about Mental Health.

 Register today!  Deadline is Friday August 4th.

Pamela A. Inaba
Chair Emeritus
Los Angeles County Client Coalition
c/o SHARE! Self-Help & Recovery Exchange
6666 Green Valley Circle
Culver City, CA 90230


Download (PDF, 179KB)