Upcoming Peer Trainings

Health Navigation Peer Training

Pacific Clinics and University of Southern California offer
Health Navigator Program
Limited Slots Available
Deadline extended to Monday – 1/29!

Peer Housing Specialist

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Pacific Clinics Training Institute

TAY Peer Support Specialist Training!


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Free SHARE! Peer Specialist Training
Work as a peer with lived experience in the public mental health system
Loyola Marymount University SHARE! Advanced Peer Specialist To Youth (Transition-Age Youth and Parents/Caregivers of Youth with Lived Experience)
Classes start Thursdays,  February 8, 2018
SHARE! Advanced Peer Specialist Training
Starting in March 2018


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SHARE! Culver CIty

Next Meeting – Friday, October 13th at The Peer Resource Center

Good morning all who would like to be present at the birth of the New Coalitions.

This is a reminder of our meeting on our new day at a new place where we will be recording attendance for Membership so that we can Officially have Nominations for Officers for our NEW BEGINNINGS.

THE NEW LACCC, INC. , because we are a new nonprofit will be putting the Latino and Asian Coalitions under our Umbrella, so that they will be able to raise money, so that they too will become their own Nonprofit.

The Latino Coalition is well on the way of meeting the requirements which they need to start earning money.

The Asian Coalition is now under the leadership of Pamela Inaba our Nonprofit Secretary as the “Advisor.”

The leadership of the three Coalitions thought that by joining forces we would be stronger with supporting one another.  That would make LACCC, INC, the Parent Company and the Latino and Asian Coalitions as the well deserving Children.


MEETING ON FRIDAY, October 13th, 2017

LUNCH: 12:00 noon to 1 pm
Please bring your own BROWN BAG OR A COVERED DISH to share.
It is your choice, and not a requirement to come.

MEETING:  1:00pm to 4:00pm

NEW LOCATION: The Peer Resource Center
in the LA County Department of Mental Health.
It’s located at 560 S. Vermont Avenue at the corner of 6th Street.

The Asian Coalition also meets at 10-12 before Lunch, and this week it will be a “Group Restart Strategy” meeting.

You can respond to this email as to whether you will be coming.

Non-profit CEO,
Coalition President,
Elizabeth S. Dandino, “Betty”

Health Navigator Certification Training Program

Health Navigator Certification Training Program

Nominate your staff online now!

Deadline is March 10, 2017


The County of Los Angeles Department of Mental Health Workforce Education and Training Division invites eligible agencies to nominate participants to attend the Health Navigator Certification Training Program led by Pacific Clinics Training Institute (PCTI) in partnership with the USC School of Social Work. This Certification Training Program sets a foundation for integrated services and provides trainees with the certification and tools to link adult consumers of behavioral health services with services in the primary healthcare system. We invite you to take advantage of this FREE training opportunity and nominate at least 2-3 individuals from your site.
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How It Works:
Supervisors must complete an online nomination for each person they are recommending by using the following link -Deadline to submit Nominations is March 10, 2017.

or copy the following link to your browser

Who Can Participate:

Nominee must be directly employed or serve as a volunteer of a DMH Contract Provider or a DMH Directly Operated site.
Nominee must be in a peer/paraprofessional level position such as: Peer Partner, Peer Advocate, Case Manager, Community Worker, Recovery Coach, Community Care Coordinator and Wellness Outreach Worker or similar position.

Nomination Requirements:

1.    Nominee must be employed to work directly with Transitional Age Youth (TAY) Adult or Older Adult consumers
2.    Nominee must have background clearance to work with mental health consumers and be in good standing with the nominating agency
3.    Nominee must have direct access to working with consumers
4.    Nominee and Supervisors must attend all scheduled training dates
5.    Agency commitment to navigate at least five (5) consumers per year post training completion

How to Apply:

1.   Nominate your staff by Clicking Here
2.    Submit the nomination(s) no later than March 10, 2017

Selection Process:

1.    Only 40 slots available – please submit nominations early
2.    Nominees must meet all the nomination requirements and criteria for the Health Navigator Training Program
3.    A committee will review and select participants based on the information submitted
4.    Selected participants and supervisors will be notified 2-3 week prior to the start of the training


Supervisor Sessions
4/10/17 – Supervisor Orientation 8:30am – 12:30pm
6/02/17 – Supervisor Implementation Meeting 9:30am – 12:30pm

Participant Sessions
4/10/17 – Participant Orientation 1:00pm – 5:00pm

5 Day Participant Skill Development – (9:00am – 5:00 pm)
Day 1: 4/17/17
Day 2: 4/18/17
Day 3: 4/24/17
Day 4: 4/25/17
Day 5: 4/26/17

Coaching Sessions
6/01/17 – Participant Coaching Session #1
6/15/17 – Participant Coaching Session #2
6/29/17 – Participant Coaching Session #3
7/13/17 – Participant Coaching Session #4

If selected, Participants and Supervisors must attend all sessions to receive full certification.

Training Location:
Pacific Clinics Training Institute
2471 E. Walnut St.
Pasadena, CA 91107

Questions, Please Contact:
Brandi De La Torre, Administrative Assistant
P:  626.793.5141, ext. 1-304


2016 Voice Awards

The Voice Awards is held by SAMHSA to showcase Consumer and Mental Health Activists and Advocates Nationwide and show portrayals of Mental Health in the Film and TV Industry.  This year it is being held at UCLA’s Royce Hall on Wednesday, August 10, at 6pm.

I would like to see more Consumers, providers, family members, caregivers, community members, and service personnel this year.  But especially Consumers and Service Personnel, noting that so many Government, Police, and Neighborhoods are being affected with violence that has not been responsible by people affected by Mental Illness as much as News media has shown. Also people with Substance Use (Abuse) concerns as well.

Please note that the event usually lasts till about 9:30.  It is a special dressy event so PUT ON OR BORROW SOME DRESSY DUDS AND COME ON DOWN!!! Appetizers (hor d’oeuvres) will be served before the awards.

Here is the link to RSVP for the upcoming voice awards if you don’t have this link already.

For more info on the SAMHSA Voice Awards, go here:

Bring as many to this event or tell as many as you can about it; I want to see the place filled with interested people

Pamela A. Inaba
Chair Emeritus & Nonprofit Secretary
Los Angeles County Client Coalition
Cell (310) 701-0292

2016 Voice Awards

Wednesday, August 10, 2016
6:00 PM – 9:30 PM (Pacific Time)

UCLA’s Royce Hall
340 Royce Drive
Los Angeles, California 90095
United States

Contact Info: voiceawards@vancomm.com